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The Team

David Marmolejo

Cinematographer / Director / Lead Photographer

Age 33, graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a major in Photography/FIlm. Minor in Business. A lover of life, people and relationships. He enjoys amplifying energy in a subtle form. A true believer of LOVE. Appreciates integrity, balance, and dynamics in all forms. He has worked with Les Brown (motivational speaker), Col Hatter, Uly and Ernesto, Daniel Dudley (Disney Channel), Yvone (TMZ) and many more. In 2008 he began shooting events such as Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 15's, and Weddings. After filming his first wedding he was inspired to capture these genuine love stories.

John Fleming

Media Editor

Age 30, a second generation photographer who was inspired by his father to pursue the art. Part of MarCinema Weddings since DAY 1! He is an amazing man and definitely uses both sides of his brain. Words could almost not describe how amazing he is. A veteran and a game changer! He prides himself in being by the book and one could describe him as organized, a perfectionist, assertive, or intuitive.

Sarah Mesh

Photographer / Media Editor

We met Sarah at a wedding a couple years back and even though she was the photographer and we were in charge of video that day, we simply clicked! She has established herself and is honestly so sweet and her professionalism matched our standards. Not too serious, enjoys some laughs but really connects with family and friends.

Peter Camunez

Videographer / Media Editor

Peter has been part of the team since 2015. He has been adding some of the greatest ideas and suggestions on many of our adventures with couples. He is highly skilled with a camera and has a videography starting from his high school days. He has been surpassing all our needs and expectations, going that extra mile, and we love that! Thanks Peter and welcome!

Sam Preciado

Photographer / Videographer / Media Editor

Age 23, creative and innovative. He has filmed with David along and contributed great wedding ideoligy to the team. He went to University of Irvine for photography, films, and music. One can consider him a creator, an innovator, a visionary, and also a hard worker.

Diego Garcia

Photographer / Videographer

Diego has 5 years in photography and videography. An impressive content creator as well as digital marketer, he works with the new Sony α7 III, Dji Mavic, and multiple lenses.

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